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Coaches are a very important part of the Masters Swimming family.

They help ‘recreational’ swimmers keep fit and healthy as well as helping competitive swimmers to reach their goals and set new records (in the pool and on the open water).

Become a Club Coach.

All Masters Swimming coaches must have appropriate qualifications. The Club Coach Accreditation training is now fully online using the Dita Solutions Learning platform. For information on accreditation pathways please see the link below:

Club Coach Accreditation

Coach Renewal

Don’t let your MSA Club Coach Accreditation lapse! Your club needs you!

Club Coach Re-Accreditation training is also fully online using the Dita Solutions Learning platform.

For information on re-accreditation please see the link below

Club Coach Accreditation

The NSW Branch of MSA has a well developed coaching resources page which is worthwhile consulting for additional coaching and training resources.

Our Coaches

Jodie Bennett
 (to 24 April 2027, Coaching ID MSA 140595)

Ricky Homan
 (to 15 August 2026, Adv. Coach ID SA 0604)
(to 3 Feb 2027 Coaching ID MSA 794585)

John Pugh
(to 16 August 2025, Coaching ID AMCH 0069
also Swimming Australia Development Accreditation
(to 16 August 2025  Coaching ID MSA 409644)

Sharon Smith
(to 19 April 2025, Coaching ID MSA 0541)

Steve Richards

(to 18 November 2025, Coaching ID MSA 111887)

Megan Stronach
(28 October 2024, Coaching ID MSA 103978)

Peter Tonkin
(to 31 May 2024 Coaching ID SA0558)

Joe Askey-Doran
(to 11 November 2025, Coaching ID SA221111JAD1)
(to 11 September 2026, MSA 104299)

Peta Ajkunic
(to 4 August 2025, Coaching ID MSA 73897)

Rebecca Laletin
(to 11 Dec 2026, Coaching ID MSA 140950)

Tony Forman
(to 3 Apr 2027, Coaching ID MSA141196)

Technical contributions to this site are invited from all coaches.

Session Leaders

Diane Gregory
Katherine Daft
Kathryn Osborn
Pia Petersen
Nina Edwards
Lou Hill
Auro Almeida
Robert Tucker