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The NSW Branch of MSA has a well developed coaching resources page which is worthwhile consulting for additional coaching and training resources.


Our Coaches

Masters Swimming Tasmania has seven nationally accredited coaches.


2019 MST Director of Coaching
Philip Tyrell
(to 2 June 2022, Coaching ID 0542)



Adam Fergusson
(to 2 June 2022, Coaching ID 0537)


John Pugh
(to June 2022, Coaching ID AMCH 0069)


Sharon Smith
(to 2 June 2022, Coaching ID 0541)


Steve Richards
(to 2 June 2022, Coaching ID 0540)


Maciej Slugocki
(to January 2023, Coaching ID 0574)


Ricky Homan
 (to 1 February 2024, Coaching ID 0604)

Peter Tonkin
(to November 2021, Coaching ID 0558)


Technical contributions to this site are made by our accredited coaches Philip Tyrell and Steve Richards.