Before trying to replicate the skills and drills featured in these video clips, it is important that your talk to your coach to work out what is best for you and then practice, practice, and practice some more.

Training for long distance swimming – Training  and developing the capacity to swim and race distances 400m or longer  requires a specific  focus on the skills and techniques that are needed  to develop that capacity – both physical and mental  These download notes prepared by Hobart Aquatic Centre Club Coach Philip Tyrell provide practical advice on how to train and prepare your pacing for longer distance events.

Pacing and Critical Swimming Speed (CSS) –  Mastering pacing when swimming longer distances is a skill requiring development. These download notes prepared by Hobart Aquatic Centre Club Coach, Philip Tyrell, provide information on how to establish CSS and examples of some training sets designed to get that pacing right and develop aerobic capacity.

A critical skill that requires a lot of work is kicking. A well developed dolphin kick is critical to racing in all strokes as it is implemented in the underwater phases of both the start and turn in breaststroke.  The notes on kicking have been prepared by Philip Tyrell.

The 3rd edition of Platypus Press of 2018, commencing on page 9, has an articles on stroke length and CSS and provides further technical discussion on this topic while the 2nd edition of Platypus press of 2018 also dealt with this topic and included a chart on the difference pacing makes as well as linking to an article on this topic by NSW Coach Mark Morgan.

Give Your Swimming the Flick.
Many swimmers neglect the final part of their underwater stroke in freestyle, butterfly and backstroke for various reasons. These download notes describe the problems this can cause, and how to overcome them with three simple drills.