Before trying to replicate the skills and drills featured in these video clips, it is important that your talk to your coach to work out what is best for you and then practice, practice, and practice some more.

These notes, prepared by Hobart Aquatic Centre Masters Swimming Club Coach Philip Tyrell, cover the important points of developing your breaststoke technique.

In this section we also feature videos featuring  World and Olympic Champion Brenton Rickard.

In The Secret to Perfect Breast Stroke Technique video Brenton Rickard teams up with his coach to give you insights into his world champion breaststroke technique.  Segments of the video break down the stroke and cover body position, breathing, arm and hand timing, and the kick.  Take notes while watching this video!

The perfect breast stroke technique drills – Brenton Rickard video clip goes through a range of drills including push off in base position; pull-kick combinations, head up breast stroke, sculling (on front and on back), breast stroke with closed fist, dead start breast stroke, and resistance drills including the use of a chute.

This Common Breaststroke Faults in Swimming video clip helps to identify and correct common faults in Breaststroke swimming with drills.
In this video, Bill Sweetenham and Brenton Rickard and Coach, show you how to achieve balance, timing and strength, to reach perfection in your swimming.