Before trying to replicate the skills and drills featured in these video clips, it is important that your talk to your coach to work out what is best for you and then practice, practice, and practice some more.

The starting point to swimming great butterfly is to learn and be proficient in some basic drills.  In this Stephanie Rice Butterfly Workout Video her coach Michael Bohl takes us through three basic butterfly drills.

This Speedo’s Ultimate Guide to Perfect Butterfly Technique! video clip takes you through a breakdown of the butterfly stroke into arms, head position, use of a snorkel, breathing, kick and stroke.  Plenty of slow motion vision.

Swimming butterfly technique. hands, chest and knees is a technically well produced video with considerable slow motion vision.  The useful part ends at 2:00 minutes.

An introduction to butterfly including basic drills

Notes on how to improve your full-body undulation when swimming butterfly

When you have a spare 30 minutes watch this video clip Michael Phelps – Butterfly Training in which Bob Bowman covers in great detail all aspects of the art of swimming butterfly.  Treat this one as a full tutorial and it is worth taking notes.  Beware however that this is Michael Phelps swimming and very few are as genetically blessed or trained as hard as Michael.