Before trying to replicate the skills and drills featured in these video clips, it is important that your talk to your coach to work out what is best for you and then practice, practice, and practice some more.

Freestyle Tumble – When preparing for racing it is important to nail the turning technique. None of us have the Michael Phelps capabilities but watch this comparative video clip and see how deep he goes to avoid surface turbulence and wash generated by his approach to the wall (watch where the bubbles are). Notice too the amplitude of Michael’s dolphin kick in his technically fantastic execution of the art of the tumble turn. (Eintauchzeit = time underwater.) Technical notes on the art of tumble turning – Skills and Drills – prepared by Hobart Aquatic Centre MSC club coach Philip Tyrell,  Download.

Form stroke turns and transitions – These notes prepared by MSAC Coach Philip Tyrell cover the important points of executing turns for backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Download.

Breaststroke starts, turns and finishes  –   Practical tips and insight into Breast Stroke Starts, Turns and Finishes. Video featuring Brenton Richard.  Note the tip touch and go and of course the streamlining which is so critical to the efficiency of any start and turn.