Key Documents


MST Constitution

Certificate of Incorporation

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Guide for New Committee Members of MST Branch

Role of Club Delegates to Branch

Branch Management Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Member Protection Policy

In conjunction with national policy, our state association and clubs will need to meet the requirements of our state legislation.   Members can check whether they require a registration at the Tasmanian Government’s “Do I need to register to work with vulnerable people? web page.


Strategic Plan 2023-2026


Club Development Grants

The intent of the Club Development Grants program is to provide financial assistance to clubs, which may not have sufficient financial resources, to implement strategies that develop and grow club membership and, masters specific, administrative and coaching skill levels which are not eligible for funding under any other MST program.


Development Policies

Developing our Coaches

Developing our Officials

As there are only a limited number of MST events conducted in Tasmania , a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) has been entered into with Swimming Tasmania (ST).  The MOU provides for assessments to be undertaken at ST meets.  Where such assessments are undertaken, the cost of obtaining a Working with Vulnerable People (children) Registration will be reimbursed by MST.

Memorandum of Understanding with Swim Tasmania for Developing Officials


Travel Honoraria for Non-Competing Officials at MST Competitions

It is Branch policy that an honorarium be paid to members of Masters Swimming Tasmania (MST) who are qualified and accredited officials for travel outside their region to officiate at MST designated competitions.

Branch Management Committee Expense Reimbursements

It is Branch policy that a financial contribution for travel expenses and reimbursement of costs reasonably incurred by members of the Branch Management Committee (BMC) or as a Branch Delegate to the National Board be reimbursed.

Membership and affiliation fees

At the Special General Meeting of MST held on 19 November 2016, approval was provided by members for membership and club affiliation fees to be increased annually by either 5% or the change in CPI for the 12-month period ending on the 30th of June of the preceding year, whichever was greater. Rounding of increases to whole dollars was also approved, up for membership fees and down in the case of club affiliation fees.

The 2024 schedule.



Requirements for the Conduct of Sanctioned Meets




Masters Swimming Tasmania (MST) is a branch member of Masters Swimming Australia.
From 1 July 2023 MST affiliated with Swimming Tasmania.