Role of Club Delegates to Branch

The Club Delegate is a vital role in our organisation as Delegates have the responsibility of ensuring good communication between their Club and the Branch. Each affiliated MST Club may nominate two members as Club delegates to the Branch Committee.

The following notes outline the role and reporting responsibilities of Club Delegates to the MST Branch.

A Club Delegate should have a good knowledge of their Club and have the authority of their Club to change the directive of the Club in respect of voting in consideration of amendments or late information presented at the MST Branch meetings – for example, in the light of new information presented at the meeting. They should be able to present facts clearly and succinctly, and to report objectively back to their Club on all matters raised at the meeting.

Club Delegates have a duty to represent their Club views faithfully, but once a vote has been taken, it is the duty of all Club Delegates to support the decision both within MST and to any other organisation.

Responsibilities and Duties

Club Delegates to MST Branch shall:

  • Either attend MST Branch meetings in person or by teleconference, appoint a proxy, or record an apology for their Club if nobody is able to attend to represent the Club at MST Branch meetings.
  • Vote on behalf of their Club at MST Branch meetings.
  • Provide a report to their Club committee meeting following each MST Branch meeting.
  • Be a point of communication between MST and the Club and ensure the dissemination of information.