How many events can I enter?
There is a limit of 12 individual events and no more than three events per day.
(refer to the Instructions on the Registration page!)

When is Easter in 2023?
Easter Sunday is on the 9th of April, 9 days before the start of the competition on 18 April.

What weather can you expect in Hobart in April?
The average range is from 18°C to 10°C, but can be from 24°C to 6°C. 
The weather can be quite variable in one day.  So if you are outside be prepared to need warm clothing or protection from sunburn.

What is the ocean water temperature at that time of year?
The average April sea temperature for Hobart is between 15°C and 16°C

What car parking facilities are available?
There is usually a 3 hour parking limit in the swimming pool car park.  All day parking for competitors and volunteers will be available on the regatta grounds opposite (about 200m from the pool).  You will require a parking pass to be ordered on the online entry system.
Please order a disabled parking pass on the on line entry system if you require disabled parking.

What wheel chair access is available?
Disabled parking and is available near the main doors and wheelchair access is available through those doors.
All other entrants are expected to enter via Aberdeen Street on the west side of the pool.

Can I purchase merchandising or book a seat at the Presentation Dinner if I am not a swimmer?
YES.    Non- competitors can purchase all merchandise, including programs, Presentation Dinner Tickets, clothing,
through the Public Shopping Cart.

How will I get my results?
There will be no printed results.
As soon as the results of an event are confirmed, they will be posted on all of the following
.                SwimPhone      SwimPhone website
.                MSA Live Results (App)
.                Meet Mobile (App)

I am swimming the 800m event on Day 1.  Do I need to register before swimming?
If you are swimming the 800m event on Day 1 you do not need to register first. Registration will be at the Old Woolstore Hotel on Day 1 only commencing at 12 noon and then at the Hobart Aquatic Centre from Day 2.

Will there be an open water National Championship event in Hobart?
Unfortunately the MSA open water swimming rules do not currently allow for events at water temperature below 18C, and that is about as warm as it gets mid-summer at most Tasmanian open water swimming locations, so we could not be certain of complying with the temperature rule. The good news is that MSWA is going to host a National Championship open water event in March 2023. Visit the MSWA website for details.


What Restaurants and Cafes are nearby?
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