Patricia Beveridge (now Benson)

Life Membership 1995,    Australian Sports Medal 2000

Patricia Beveridge (now Benson) became aware of the Masters swimming movement (then known as Australian Union of Senior Swimming Inc.) in 1982 when she participated in the 10th National Swimming Championships at Warringah (Sydney). She continued to attend National Championships in 1983 Brisbane, 1984 Melbourne, 1896 Adelaide, 1987 Perth, 1991 Devonport and 1992 Darwin.

She was instrumental in the formation of the Devonport Devils Club (elected as Secretary at the 1st meeting on 6th May 1982) as a second club was needed to form a branch. Trish held various positions at Club level – Secretary and Coach; Branch level – Coaching Director: 1984 – 1986, 1990, 1992, Secretary: 1982-83, 1988,89 Publications: 1987 and National level.  Trish was the Tasmanian delegate to National Board 1983-1992 (Director of Programs – Aerobics 1987-1992) and at times acted as Minute secretary at the National Conference.

In 1986, a National Coaching Panel was established by Dr. Kay Cox, Dr. Peter Raeburn and Anita Killmier.  Trish was invited to join due to her ability to translate technical jargon into everyday swimming language and her experience in teaching swimming to adults and children under AUSTSWIM criteria.   The Level 1M Masters Coaching syllabus was developed and sanctioned by ASCA for accreditation.  She enjoyed coaching and conducted or co-ordinated many seminars for Tasmanian Clubs and some National Swim lunch time stroke development talks.

Trish’s position as Lessee of the Devonport Aquatic Centre 1983-1994 was pivotal in convincing the National Board to conduct the first National Swim outside a capital city in 1991.  This decision was supported by the successful undertaking of the First Australian Masters Games in 1987 on the Central Coast.

Trish has been a member of various clubs depending on her residential status including Launceston, Devonport Devils, Ipswich Masters, and Darwin Stingers.  Although she believes her skills are stronger in administration, coaching and cheering occasionally a medal gave her the incentive to continue with swimming with Masters.