Posted on Tuesday 10th October, 2023

2023 MS Megaswim in Hobart

The 2023 Megaswim was held in Hobart on 7 October.  The challenge is for each team to achieve a 12 hour continuous swim, with one swimmer following another (10 am to 10 pm)
The aim is to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Charity through sponsorship.

There were two  Masters Clubs teams this year :-
Tomatoes and Huon Valley Aquatic (HVA).   HVA were also supported by 3 Talays Club members who filled in the first 3 hours.

As at 18 October a total over $25,000 was raised.

Congratulations to all the fundraisers and teams.
Youth Award 🏆: Ruby Smith 
Best Dressed 👕: Tomatoes Swim Club
Overall Winning Team 🏆: Tomatoes Swim Club
Highest individual fundraiser 
🏆: Matt Williams $3,161- Tomatoes 
🥈Runner up: Rob Peart $2,288- Tomatoes
🥇Runner up:  Sophie Witter $1,279 - Tomatoes 

Highest fundraising team 
 🏆: Tomatoes Swim Club over $10,00
 🥈Runner up: Huon Valley Aquatic over $4,000

Both the Tomatoes and HVA teams made a considerable effort for the 'Best Dressed' competition

The final distance swum by the HVA team was over 35 km, and were a bit peeved to be pipped by the Tomatoes.
In the friendliest of competitive spirits they hope to squash them into sauce next year!   The team took out the biggest splash competition, with Adrian taking the big leap.
HVA are still fundraising with a Pennicott raffle, to be drawn Friday 20 October.

Teams and individuals can still be sponsored on the following link

photo above:- The HVA team         More photos can be found in the Photo Gallery

The Tomatoes Team

Lou Hill, Jose and Mendelt Tillema from Talays who swam with the HVA team