Posted on Monday 13th May, 2024

Ray Brien – MSA Official of the Year (2023)

Congratulations to Ray Brien – Masters Swimming Australia Official of the Year (2023)

 MST was proud to nominate Ray Brien as MSA Official of the Year, 2023.

Ray contributed significantly to the management of the Masters Swimming Australia National Championships in Hobart in both the preparation phase, and as Chief Referee for the Meet.

Apart from the overall Refereeing of the Meet Ray’s role included the coordination of Technical Officials so that the meet ran smoothly, and personal and individual commitments were accommodated to everyone’s satisfaction.

Ray is currently a member of the National Technical Committee (term expires 2025) and represented the National Technical Committee to provide direct advice and comment on the new OWS Rules and accompanying OWS Guidelines.

As MST’s Chief Technical officer, Ray conducted courses for MST trainee officials prior to meets. He mentored trainee officials and refereed at all meets conducted by MST throughout 2023.

In addition, during 2023, Ray made important contributions to the National Technical Committee and the Open Water Sub-committee. His efforts and involvement have been recognised by the Chairs of those two committees – Lynne Duncan and Dr Shayne Baker – with testimonials supporting his nomination.

In summary, MST believes Ray Brien made an outstanding contribution during 2023 in the promotion, level of service, governance and functionality of Masters Swimming at National level, and that he has consistently practiced, espoused and promoted the values of Masters Swimming in all of his activities.

Congratulation Ray on your richly deserved award!