Posted on Monday 26th February, 2024

Open Water Swim Half Moon Bay

Thirty open-water swimmers from a combined gathering of Hobart Aquatic Masters and Weedy Sea Dragon members, embraced a fun swim/social occasion at the Half Moon Bay Shuey beach front shack at South Arm last Saturday.

Location, location, location!! And just 30 minutes’ drive from the Hobart Aquatic Centre contributed to the success of the swim, followed by a relaxing cooked breakfast.

Having two long sandy safe beaches opposite each other within one klm of driving distance, guarantees flexible perfect open water swim conditions, irrespective of any adverse weather reports throughout the day.

Some visitors were expecting the host venue to be a large modern dwelling; instead, they found to their delight, a genuine “shack”, believed to be approximately 120 years old, built before any road access to the South Arm peninsula.

Hopefully there will be another occasion next year.

Ian Shuey
President – Hobart Aquatic Masters