Posted on Thursday 29th June, 2023

Grant Success for Devils

The Devonport Devils recently celebrated with the opening of gift-wrapped boxes of coaching and training equipment made possible by a Devonport City Council Community Grant. The club has been proudly supported with a 50/50 grant from Devonport City Council that has enabled to purchase badly needed new equipment.

Club Captain Nina Edwards is confident that ‘the club can now support existing and new members better with their goals of getting fit and linking up with like-minded people, while enjoying the experience. Our new equipment will add different facets to our training sessions, challenging our bodies and minds alike.’

Coach Peta Ajkunic agrees, noting that ‘There are a range of benefits associated with using training equipment whilst swimming. Ultimately, the use of this equipment can help to improve a swimmer’s stroke, whether that is through technique or speed.

‘We now have available to club members pull buoys, hand paddles, fins and kickboard training aids to allow the swimmer to isolate and place focus on different muscle groups. The equipment purchased includes the forearm fulcrum, which promotes the desired early vertical forearm in swimming by not allowing the wrist to bend during training sets. It is beneficial for all four competitive strokes.

‘Also included are Tempo Trainers, a variable-speed electronic metronome that transmits a beep that you can hear while you’re swimming. It is placed under your swim cap or attached to the goggle strap and allows the swimmer to work on stroke rate by teaching self-awareness of their stroke. The tempo trainer is not an item that is generally affordable to the average swimmer.’

Christmas in June – Devils members opening their ‘presents’

Devils Treasurer David McIvor knows swimming equipment is expensive and says that without the support of the Council Community Grant to finance 50% of the costs the club would not have been able to provide these items for coaching and training purposes. ‘We acknowledge northwest Tasmania is a low socio-economic region. So, for those not able to afford swimming equipment, we would have these items available to use during club training sessions’, said David.

The most expensive item of equipment purchased with the grant is the GoPro underwater camera with extension pole. This provides opportunities to allow the swimmer to see body and head position, arm and leg actions both in and above the water.

Marilyn Brack who submitted the application to Council says, ’as one of the older swimmers in the club I understand how the support water gives to a body makes it easier to exercise. Using buoyancy aids such as kickboards further assists the body to exercise. Using fins/flippers and pull buoys allows the swimmer who has a limited range of movement or strength to feel more comfortable in the water. Age or disability should not stop anyone from enjoying a friendly training session with Peta and the Devils’.

It is hoped that with the availability of this equipment there will be increased participation in swimming and membership by our community. The membership of Devonport Devils is ethnically diverse, and they welcome any adult swimmer regardless of age, sexuality, religion, or gender.

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Marilyn Brack, Devonport Devils