Posted on Monday 15th February, 2021

Masters Swimming Tasmania 2021 AGM

Notice of Meeting
Annual General Meeting, 17 March 2021

The Annual General Meeting this year will be conducted as a teleconference on Zoom, at 7pm on 17 March. As well as avoiding possible Covid-19 restrictions if we were to hold the meeting at the Summer Championships, this arrangement should enable members to attend, whether or not they plan to participate in the Championships.
All members are invited to participate.

To join the Meeting, follow the link:

If you have trouble connecting, these are the Zoom Meeting details:
Meeting ID: 890 7844 3037
Passcode: 359317

The business of the AGM will be:

1.  To confirm the draft minutes of the 2020 AGM.

2.   To address any business arising from the 2020 AGM.

3.   To elect office-bearers to the following positions:
              Coordinator of Coaching and Education
              Coordinator of Safety and Health
Nomination forms are available on this link.     Return completed nomination forms by 14 March.

4.    To appoint an auditor for 2021.

5.     To receive Reports from Office-Bearers and Club Delegates.

6.     To conduct any other business, notice of which must follow the
         requirements for conducting a Special General Meeting.

Minutes of 2020 AGM

Tony Forman, Secretary